Howler monkeys are black and brown. Females are usually lighter in color. They stand about three feet tall and weigh around 15 pounds. They have a long tail, a short snout, and round nostrils. They are very hairy, and look like they have beards.  Like humans, they have five-fingered hands. It is the largest monkey in South America.

     Howler monkeys live in the rainforests of South America. They climb and swing on the upper-most layer of the rainforest- the emergent layer. Not only do their long legs
help with holding on, but their tails are also very strong and can hold up the animal! They enjoy eating various plants in the rainforest. Why do you think this animal is called a HOWLer monkey? It is the LOUDEST land animal on the Earth. When they howl, you can hear the sound over three miles away. Howler monkeys usually yell at dawn or dusk- when the sun comes up, and when it goes down. Howler monkeys are endangered due to destruction of their homes and hunting by humans.

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